Acai Berry Supplements Are a Brand New Natural Provider of Illness Reducing Nutrients

Berries and chocolate. Typically a

wonderful combination, right? What if there was a berry that had a cacao tang in

it? Well, thanks to Mother Nature, there is. This amazingly healthy berry

is called the Acai berry (pronounced a-sigh-ee). While it doesn't taste completely like pure chocolate, the bitterness of cacao is

blended into Acai's own intense flavor. The overall taste is

actually tough to determine as some of its juices have actually been compared to

astringent raspberries while others insist Acai produces a salty taste (like say, olives.)

Nevertheless the flavor is not the only aspect that makes

Acai so one-of-a-kind.

From the jungles of the Amazons, Acai berries have already been

consumed by Brazilians for years. But most recently, a lot more of these grape-sized berries are being

harvested from the South American palm trees and made into healthy eating supplements for consumption around the world.

Classified an anti-oxidant superfood, its known for its enormous levels of

anti-oxidants and its dietary value. Acai has double the oxidant

battling capability of blueberries, the previously recognized antioxidant champion.

Ingestion of the berry is declared to supercharge energy and resistance against health issues. Really, the list of features is almost incalculable, varying from

bolstered digestion to

much better flow, as well as better sleep. It is based on these

phenomenal characteristics that the Acai has been recommended to as the most

nourishing fruit on earth.

However, if you're a juice supplier trying to find a cutting-edge business venture, quite a few juice and smoothie producers have actually already begun

taking advantage of this nutritious fruit.

While the fad is still somewhat recent, supermarket displays are currently well

filled with the likes of organically produced Acai

fruit juices, yogurt drinks, smoothie

mixes, as well as teas.

And the bottles of these products make a lot of health promises. I'm downing an "Organic Acai Antioxidising Superfood

Smoothie" now that

says it's

good enough for a meal substitute. Is that true? Well,

it sure seems to please my dietary demands as the Nutrition Facts label showcases enough quantities of

protein, carbs, fat, potassium and even

omega-3 fatty acids ! And ... in fact it's the only thing I've eaten today so far and I do not think I'm hungry! It could be that this things really does what it claims. (Don't do this in your

home though everybody, Acai should not be the sole thing you ingest all day.).

Acai has actually also displayed some promise

for the deterence of heart condition, as it has 10-30

times the level of cardiovascular-fighting phytochemical called Anthocyanin, a chemical likewise found in red wine. You might have become aware of these

phytochemicals from the studies that point out

a low level of heart problem in France

regardless of the rich fat consumption in that country. Research appear to suggest that the phytochemicals in the red wine are responsible for this healthy consequence. shop here

With all these perks, it appears

that Acai berries would make an amazing dietary

supplement to your meal plan. Simply be

prudent about just how

much Acai you take. There is such a thing as an

antioxidant excess, with negative side effects such as some weakness, fever and toxicity. So, with a fruit so jam-

packed with antioxidants, one must beware. Specialists advise examining with your general practitioner just what your best possible dosage of anti-oxidants is.